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Chinese search engine and internet related service company Baidu has launched its Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE), an operating system designed to facilitate decentralized application (DApp) development. The news was officially announced by Baidu’s cloud computing unit, Baidu Cloud, on February 14.

Baidu states that it considers an open source, a commercialized platform to be the only way to build a blockchain operating system. BBE is built on what the company describes as ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud computing) technology stack, enabling customers to explore and develop ways to commercialize blockchain technology.

As per the announcement, Baidu stated –

“The chain has learned that the Baidu blockchain engine BBE supports deployment on Baidu private cloud, developers can easily create and manage the blockchain network quickly on the private cloud platform.”

Hosted on Baidu’s ‘intelligent’ cloud platform, the system employs a modular blockchain framework to provide developers with a multi-chain system including DApp templates, smart contract templates and other services intended to make development fast and easy.

According to the announcement, the platform encourages deployment in the customer’s existing enterprise frameworks that can be set up as a ‘highly available and flexible’ Blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform. It offers support for various blockchain situations including consortium and private chains.

Wimplo Baidu BBE AI Blockchain Cloud

The Baidu’s report says that the Baidu Blockchain Lab has reportedly outlined BBE with six functions in mind, spanning the provision of a ‘trusted computing environment, high performance and high throughput, scalable storage, cross-chain trusted interactions, smart contract support, and contract security audits.’

Baidu claims that for consumer-focused finance, BBE supports features such as credit, transactions and metering. The system can also help in the verification of 50 billion tokenized assets.

Baidu has already been active on the blockchain front, last September the company had released a white paper for its Xuperchain blockchain network. It had also launched a photo app and a space-focused game on the blockchain.