CHIMPION: A New Crypto on Block to Revolutionize E-Commerce

Chimpion (CHIMP), a new cryptocurrency was launched on December 27, according to the press release by PR Newswire. Shopping Cart Elite, Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) and Paytomat have contributed to blockchain technology to make it possible in the launching of Chimpion (CHIMP).

The new crypto is designed to drive e-commerce adoption. Chimpion’s mission is to build a blockchain-enabled economy by allowing merchants of all sizes like small, mid and large enterprises to adopt e-commerce through digital currency.

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According to PR Newswire report, Alex Arnaut, chairman, and co-founder of Chimpion said:

“A major problem that persists with e-commerce is that it’s difficult for small businesses; E-commerce merchants face security issues, payment delays and difficulty selling internationally, not to mention the expensive fees charged by payment processors. Chimpion is providing merchants with a platform that leverages cryptocurrency to eliminate these issues and open them to new markets.”

After the early entrance of major e-commerce players like Amazon and eBay, e-commerce has become a massive industry. According to Statista (The Statistics Portal), in 2017, retail e-commerce sales individually contributed $2.3 trillion, on top of which B2B e-commerce sales accounted for another $7.7 trillion.

As e-commerce reputation grew, so did the requirement for faster transactions, lower fees, and more accessibility. Cryptocurrency has since rapidly developed as the next evolution of e-commerce transactions; since it matches with the functionality of fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency goes beyond in features and offers security, affordability, transaction speed, transferability across international boundaries and in some cases it even offers resistance to inflation.

Chimpion’s innovative technology enables e-commerce merchants to readily accept cryptocurrency payments, setting altcoin of their choice as the base currency denomination.


Chimpion also offers merchants income flow flexibility by providing security from unpredictable inflation, ongoing trade wars, and fluctuating interest rates, independent of whether they deal in fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Alex Arnaut tweeted on Dec 24 that “We’ve been working the whole 2018 to bring e-commerce to crypto and now we’ve arrived.” Most importantly, Chimpion is easy to use with not much of advanced technical knowledge required, making the platform convenient to use by any merchant.

According to Chimpion’s official website, the company will begin in early 2019 with Chimpion stores to be opened in waves, starting with Asia and progressing to Europe, South America, Middle East, and Africa.

Chimpion will launch CHIMP Academy to assist small business owners in starting their own crypto e-commerce storefronts. The organization also has plans to add plugins for eBay migration, Amazon import and inventory control, all developed by Shopping Cart Elite.

Based on Bitcoin Diamond’s BCD Pay Wallet, the new crypto has plans to release the Chimpion Wallet in early 2019, including trading integration.

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