Chain Cloud Mall Platform scales with QRO code

Future FinTech Group Inc. (FTFT) announced the adoption of Quick Response One (QRO) anti-counterfeit code on its global shared shopping platform, Chain Cloud Mall (CCM). This development was reported on 02 August.

FTFT introduced itself as a financial technology company and a producer of fruit-related products. FTFT conveyed that QRO is a blockchain-powered unalterable code issued by the manufacturer, which enables CCM to record every event or transaction on a distributed ledger. FTFT further added that innovation makes the whole process traceable. The QRO code ensures the authenticity of products and directly links manufacturers with customers.

Mr. YongkeXue, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Future FinTech expressed – 

“The adoption of QRO anti-counterfeit code is an important step to distinguish Chain Cloud Mall from other shopping platforms. With the QRO code, manufacturers can easily and directly build trust with consumers. We believe the anti-counterfeit effort will attract more users and manufacturers to the CCM platform.”

FTFT further shared insight that CCM’s QRO plan provides a comprehensive blockchain service for manufacturers. The fintech term expressed that with the adoption of QRO code, manufacturers could conveniently review the trading volume. Manufacturers could leverage real-time sales report and their production data. FTFT emphasized that CCM also provided blockchain credits to the customers checking QRO anti-counterfeit code.

Quick Response One (QRO) code enables to record every event or transaction on a distributed ledger.

FTFT reiterated by noting that the public, transparent and tamper-resistant characteristics of blockchain could strengthen communications between consumers and manufacturers. FTFT clarified that consumers can not only gain blockchain credits from buying products on CCM, but also from participating, promoting and other activities of the platform. Such miscellaneous activities include using the new QRO code.

Recently, Future FinTech adopted QRO anti-counterfeit code on its Hedetang brand products. Hedetang products are currently sold on the Chain Cloud Mall (CCM), a blockchain-based shopping platform owned and managed by FTFT. The other stakeholder is its wholly-owned subsidiary Chain Cloud Mall Network Technology Co., Ltd.

FTFT wrapped up by informing its key strengths. FTFT was incorporated in Florida, engaging in fruit juice and financial technology businesses.  FTFT engages in the research and development of digital asset systems based on blockchain technology. The firm also operates an incubator for application projects using blockchain technology. FTFT indicated that along with its subsidiaries, they were developing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for varied purposes.