Celo, an open source platform that makes easily accessible financial tools, blogged on 02 April about how it is building its community prior to Testnet Launch.

Celo commenced by informing that it plans to build a financial system in which every individual is prosperous. Celo conveyed that by making financial instruments easily accessible and working on the fundamentals of money, there can be promising changes.

Celo touched upon its key industry offering. Celo is a decentralized protocol, with a mobile-friendly, light client experience facilitating anyone to securely send stable-value digital coins to any phone number globally. Celo being an open source platform fosters the growth of powerful applications.

Celo added that since the initial announcement, the team working on Celo had grown to over 40 contributors from around the world. The harmonious blend of skill sets and a focus to build programs in emerging markets distinguishes the team. The diversity of the team leverages experience from bodies like the United Nations, Google, MIT, and Stanford.

Celo continued by appreciating its team’s effort to build the Celo protocol. In a bid to attract more community participation, Celo has made their technical white papers publicly available. The platform shared information that starting next week, it would conduct deep-dive sessions into aspects of the white paper to engage in gainful conversations.

Celo cited on its offer for this summer as –

“This summer, we’re planning a public testnet release and will also open-source the codebase then. We’re excited to share what we have been working on with the broader community and help strengthen, build, test and nurture where we go from here. We invite everyone interested in working on a new and open monetary system built on a decentralized platform to participate in the testnet.”

Recently, Celo conducted a case study to test stable value digital currencies in Argentina. The aim was to ascertain how Celo could help solve some important problems in the country. With growing financial adversities in Argentina, there is a dire need to securely save and send money.

Open source and open platform technologies hold massive benefits in the dissemination of cryptocurrencies. A veritable boon to emerging economies.

Celo concluded by touching upon the journey going forward. While its primary motive would be to enable digital payment gateways to the people with least access, ultimately it should benefit all. Celo noted the benefits that would be enabled for easier remittances, easier cash-transfer programs, and easier micropayments systems. The platform was confident of the potentialities and looked forward to greater community engagement.