Casa launches Sats mobile wallet app for Android and iOS

Casa, a firm focused on Bitcoin technology announced via a blog post on their official website on September 5 regarding the availability of their Sats app on Android and iOS platforms. 

The blog post authored by Nick Neuman, Product Designer at Casa commenced by addressing the issue faced by the Casa node users. For customers to be able to use the Sats app, they would have to be connected to the Casa node, for which the company says, “That changes today.” 

The new update enables customers to use the Sats app for Bitcoin without the Casa Node. With this update, it is another step towards making bitcoin more usable, Neuman added. 

Neuman further highlighted that the Sats app has a self-contained bitcoin key. The app enables platform users to download, send, and receive Bitcoin on the chain. Furthermore, users are allowed to unlock the Lightning Network features by connecting a Casa node. 

As per the blog, the users have the authority of their private keys, and the firm does not hold custody of any keys. The private key is saved on users’ phone and backed up using Casa’s existing secure backup method.


Neuman added that once a user transfers bitcoin to other user’s SatsTag, a new address is derived from the receiver’s public key and shared to the sender. The bitcoin(BTC) is sent directly to the receiver’s key and is not allowed to pass through Casa in any way. Neuman says that the firm has done their best to keep it simple, while still giving its users as much privacy and security as possible.

The blog post also concluded by introducing Keymaster, a feature which the company calls “straightforward” so anyone can use the app conveniently. This feature provides more security to the customers while the Sats app aims to provide a user-friendly interface. 

Nick also stated regarding Keymaster- 

“In Keymaster, you can check the health of your key and manage your cloud backup. In the future, we’ll provide a more detailed transaction control in Keymaster that won’t be available in Sats App. Both apps are meant to work in harmony to create the best Bitcoin experience available.”

On August 16, Casa announced the appointment of Brian Lockhart to the Casa team to strengthen their product development. The blog post mentioned Brian as a seasoned engineer and product developer with previous experience of working in companies like Xbox, MSNBC, and MSN.