Cardano and Konfidio to promote blockchain business platform

Swiss-based Cardano foundation, announced on 15th August stating that they have partnered with Konfidio, a Berlin-based, company builder and venture accelerator. This partnership aims to promote blockchain adoption among corporations, small-medium enterprises, and governments. 

In the blog post, Cardano stated that the foundation is one of the leading not-for-profit blockchain organizations, through this partnership and the adoption of the Cardano blockchain, the Zug-based firm seeks to generate and earn income. 

Global PR, communications and marketing director, Bakyt Azimknov, stated in the blog that the main aim of the partnership will be to enable real-world business cases on the blockchain. Azimknov further added that, by initiating the blockchain on use cases in banking, logistics, and pharmaceuticals industries, the collaboration anticipates governments and public sectors to follow.

As per the post, the aforementioned blockchain model will be tested on startups and SMEs that supply employment to a vast majority of the German population. The model will also be tested on multinational corporations as they make up the core of their strategy. 

Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry, Founder and CEO of Konfidio, says:

“Konfidio’s strategy is based on global decentralized platforms unlocking value across the global economy. We are working with both global corporates and the German Mittelstand and will use Cardano’s revolutionary dual-layer architecture in developing complex Turing-complete transaction platforms. We will also be able to provide young entrepreneurs with a combination of business model expertise and state-of-the-art third generation blockchain as an option for their future startups.”

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of Cardano Foundation, elaborated that this partnership will enable the Swiss-based firm to present their one of a kind platform on a global scale. Nathan also asserted that this venture will help Cardano gain visibility in Germany and Europe.

On 12 August, Cardano Foundation announced its support towards educational initiatives globally. The foundation, being a not-for-profit organization, looks to support various initiatives in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe that study and research blockchain.