Blockstream and goTenna partner over a decentralized solution

Blockstream Satellite announced on 11 May about the integration of goTenna with its services. The new integration would allow a decentralized solution despite network disruptions.

Blockstream introduced itself as a service that broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain and user application programming interface (API) data from space. The satellite company informed that the new integration would allow users to share Bitcoin transactions from a node through a mesh network. Announced at the Magical Crypto Conference, the firms are combining their technologies to make it easier to onboard people without direct internet connections.

While quoting on some salient benefits with this development, Blockstream expressed –

“Traditional internet infrastructure is vulnerable to accidents or natural disasters causing outages which leave Bitcoin users and merchants unable to send payments or verify incoming payments. Having an alternative transaction channel means that the Bitcoin network becomes more resilient to disruptions.”

Blockstream Satellite is a network of satellites deployed so that people across the globe can download a full node. This is facilitated even without an internet connection, as long as there is a satellite receiver with specific software installed. The startup firm goTenna is exploring technology that allows users to interact without being online. The users can form their own “mesh network” for such interactions.

with combined technologies of blockstream satellite and gotenna, bitcoin users would be benefited in a myriad of ways.

Blockstream went on to elaborate on a few other advantages enabled through this embrace. There is room for more private transactions due to satellite TV dishes found everywhere. Users can receive Bitcoin data without sending packets onto the internet. The users can benefit more from peer-to-peer transactions without being overlooked by a centralized entity. Using mesh networking, people could receive information, stay in touch, and pay each other in bitcoin.

In March, Blockstream released a new GreenAddress Bitcoin mobile wallet, rebranded as Blockstream Green. Blockstream informed that to make the wallet the best it can be, they had rebuilt the iOS and Android applications from scratch. Based on the new Green Development Kit, Green had been optimized for speed and performance.

Blockstream emphasized that people in areas where internet connectivity is lost could still receive encrypted data or messages. This is especially helpful in mishaps like natural disasters or accidents. Blockstream clarified that in order to get started, a goTenna Mesh device and Blockstream satellite receiver are required. Using this setup, customers can relay Bitcoin transactions and Satellite API data to their local area. Blockstream also shared relevant documentation and video tutorials.