Blockmason Link and CryptoChicks partner to foster blockchain

Blockmason and CryptoChicks have collaborated to advance the blockchain-based software development industry while improving adoption. This development was on 23 July.

Blockmason introduced itself as a leading developer of foundational, base-layer blockchain technologies. Blockmason shared the credentials of CryptoChicks as an international educational hub with a mission to grow the professional potential of women/youth in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). Blockmason conveyed that as part of their Memorandum of Understanding, the companies are aiming to advance blockchain technology.

Michael Chin, CEO of Blockmason cited – 

“CryptoChicks has a great community of blockchain educators. Together with organizations like CryptoChicks, we will be able to create a better blockchain development industry.”

Blockmason further added about the thoughts echoed by Elena Sinelnikova, the Founder and CEO of CryptoChicks Inc. Elena shared that CryptoChicks Community consisted of 550 blockchain developers from Canada, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Bahamas. She opined that the community gave very positive feedback on the online workshops hosted by Blockmason. 

blockmason conveyed that as part of their memorandum of understanding

Elena sustained by adding that their developers found the Link platform indeed simplified their development process. She emphasized that they were looking forward to having more of these regular workshops for their community. Blockmason conveyed that Link is the first managed, decentralized, functions-as-a-service (FaaS) platform. The platform pushes the boundary of interoperability by creating application programming interfaces (APIs). This offer is for developers interacting with networks such as programmable blockchains.

In June, news surfaced about Blockmason and Binance announcing the launch of Blink, the Link utility token on Binance Chain. Blockmason is set to launch Blink on the Binance Chain. Once done, Blockmason would consider listing Blink on the Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The Binance DEX is an exchange that offers high throughput and low latency. The Blockmason team looks forward to expanding the availability of Blink. As Binance Chain grows, Blockmason and Blink would grow with it. This would present new opportunities for decentralized app developers.

Blockmason wrapped up by throwing more light on Link adding the goal of Link was to empower developers to focus on more creative and innovative projects. Blockmason also conveyed on the practicality to help get the projects to market rapidly. Blockmason highlighted that Link opens up an entirely new population of prospective users and clients. Such personnel are introduced to the growing world of decentralized applications by eliminating the need for cryptocurrencies. The users are spared to acquire and free from installing browser plugins to maintain or monitor.