Blockchain works for natural disaster relief

PO8, a blockchain company is pooling in communities in a bid to rebuild and restore the most impacted islands of The Bahamas. This news was blogged on 03 September.

PO8 started by headlining its appeal to help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. The blockchain firm further added that along with Skullys, the duo led The Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. PO8 noted on the scale of the tragedy conveying thousands were left homeless. Furthermore, the blog added, the damage to general facilities was intense and would require help to rebuild.


PO8 further explained on its humanitarian activities citing – 

“PO8, a blockchain company headquartered in Marsh Harbor, Abaco in The Bahamas, has just witnessed the devastation and immediately felt called to action enrolling you, as the global and local blockchain communities to help rebuild and restore the most impacted islands of The Bahamas. PO8 is asking your partnership as first responders to Hurricane Dorian by setting up a Bahamas Blockchain Hurricane Dorian Relief Fund. PO8 has pledged 1 billion PO8 tokens to hurricane relief efforts. For every dollar worth of crypto donation, PO8 will match it 100%.” 

PO8 continued to add on the humanitarian crisis that The Bahamas was facing. The blockchain firm clearly specified that the most vulnerable people were children and senior citizens. PO8 highlighted that all donations would be made to the BBHDRF a multi-signature digital wallet. The funds would be managed by the Island Administrator of Freeport Grand Bahama and Rotary Clubs of the Bahamas.

PO8 summarized the blog by expressing what they were asking and what they were offering. People could make crypto donations in either Bitcoin or Ether on the official website. There is also a provision to make cash donations. Generous people could also use social media and other forums to spread awareness of the campaign. In return, PO8 would be offering some benefits like being listed on the homepage and a collectible.

In an interesting report, Blockstream Satellite expressed that traditional internet infrastructure was vulnerable to accidents or natural disasters causing outages which leave Bitcoin users and merchants unable to send payments or verify incoming payments. Having a seperate transaction channel implies that the Bitcoin network becomes more resistant to disruptions. Blockstream Satellite is a network of satellites deployed so that people across the globe can download a full node.