Blockchain wallet features new spending ways

Blockchain Team announced integrating BitPay into the Blockchain Wallet so that users can pay for products and services without giving up full control. This news emerged on 23 August.

Blockchain Team started by recollecting the notion that users had about spending bitcoins. The blockchain major firm insisted that spending crypto on the go was the primary objective of most users. Blockchain Team sustained by adding that its wallet was designed to fulfill the desire of the users. Blockchain Team summarized that with the new development, users would find it convenient to spend through mobile or online.

Blockchain Team further elaborated on the prowess of BitPay as – 

“As the largest global crypto payments provider, BitPay and has processed more than $2.8 billion from merchants and B2B customers since 2011. Everyday thousands of businesses rely on BitPay to be their direct connection to the world of crypto, and now those connections are available to you.”

BitPay stands on reputed grounds by processing approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars in bitcoin alone every year for businesses and individual clients. BitPay has scaled further by building an ecosystem of merchants that accept their payments. Such clients include Amazon, Delta, and BitPay is much preferred because, as a payment facilitator, it offers the option to settle in fiat currencies and provides invoices.


To add on the equal capability of Blockchain, the firm is often regarded as one of the world’s largest wallet providers. Blockchain sports a user base with approximately 38 million users, of which more than half are located outside the United States. Another big number is that the firm’s wallet users account for roughly a quarter of all on-chain bitcoin transactions.

Blockchain Team announced partnering with the Polkadot Network to accelerate the adoption and decentralization of Polkadot tokens (DOT). Blockchain Team conveyed that this development aims to solve the challenges of cross-blockchain interoperability. The firm also noted to create a new standard for on-chain governance. Blockchain Team clarified that when the integration is complete, users would be able to store, send, and receive Polkadot tokens.

Blockchain Team finally stated that beginning with Bitcoin, users had a new way to spend their savings from the safety of their wallet. The blockchain firm noted on the array of online stores within the BitPay ecosystem. Blockchain Team emphasized that users could simply copy or scan the invoice and complete the payment. Blockchain Team shared insight that due to recent enhancements, it is easier and more secure to transact with certainty.