SETL hires French Bank Governor

Christian Noyer, former Governor of Banque De France (Central Bank of France) has joined the board of directors of British blockchain startup firm SETL. The company announced the appointment on January 17.

The blockchain startup was launched in July 2015, offering payment and settlement services built utilizing a blockchain-based infrastructure. These services aim to address the issues of participants by allowing transfer of cash and other assets with immediate settlement. On January 2017, the platform announced that it surpassed the capacity of one billion transactions per day.

SETL has garnered a significant amount of backings from giants like Citi, Deloitte, Computer share, Credit Agricole and S2iEM. Commenting on the support it has received, SETL’s Chairman David Walker said:

“With the encouragement of shareholders and the revenue generating projects we have recently announced we are adding significantly to the strength to the company.”

SETL Startup

SETL received a license from France’s securities regulator, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers. The license allows them to operate a central securities depository system in the country. The depository is scheduled for an early-2019 launch.

Noyer also worked with the European Central Bank as Vice President, Governor of Banque De France, also offering service at the Treasury in the French Ministry of the Economic and Finance. Walker was excited in announcing the appointment of Noyer, as he added that Noyer brings in “wealth of experience in the financial, regulatory, economic management and central banking world.”

Noyer is the latest senior appointed by SETL; in October 2018 the startup hired Philippe Morel, who previously worked for the Boston Consulting Group as a senior partner. Philippe replaces co-founder and former CEO Peter Randall. Randall now assists Phillippe in managing international business, marketing and investor/ public relations. 

Another significant announcement of recruitment came from cryptocurrency exchange ErisX on January 16, when it announced the appointment of Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys and Co-founder of Ethereum to its board of directors.