Blockchain Research Institute unravels KODAKOne with study

RYDE Holding, the creator, and operator of the KODAKOne announced on 15 August that the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) has released its case study on the latter firm.

Ryde Holding commenced by informing that BRI is a Toronto-based insight analyst that helps organizations to realize the potential of the digital economy. The firm clarified that BRI achieves its goals by researching the strategic implications of blockchain technology and producing practical insights. Ryde Holding asserted that such endeavors would guide its members to achieve success.

Don Tapscott, Co-Founder, and Executive Chairman, BRI cited – 

“This case study explores in detail the way blockchain can be used to help content creators actually profit from their creative work with the new Internet of value. It details how KODAKOne’s platform works, its key features, and how it enables photographers to maximize the value of their intellectual property. We’re pleased that BRI members will be able to benefit from these detailed, practical insights and case studies.”

Ryde Holding informed that the case study was released in June and explores the numerous solutions the KODAKOne platform provides. Ryde Holding opined that the photography market would stand benefited with innovations including its unique use case for blockchain technology. Ryde Holding added another insight which was the planned use of the KODAKCoin, its own virtual coin.

Blockchain Research Institute unravels KODAKOne with study

Jan Denecke, CEO of RYDE Holding expressed honor that the BRI picked KODAKOne to focus the case study. Jan maintained the utmost respect for the work that both Don and Alex Tapscott along with their team were doing. Jan summarized that the singular work within BRI and their exploration of blockchain technology would have strategic implications.

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Ryde Holding concluded by highlighting that the BRI’s research explored the strategic implications, applications, and challenges of blockchain. The firm noted the domains applicable include business, government, and society. Ryde Holding emphasized that the study covered a dozen different industry verticals and examines the impact of blockchain. The blockchain was poised to disrupt corporate management, from human resources and marketing to finance.