Blockchain records released by Scribbles Software

Scribbles Software conveyed on 01 October, the release of its new blockchain product oriented towards academics.

Scribbles Software commenced by noting the new innovation aimed towards K-12 districts. The software would be used mainly for validation of student records and subsequently to engage the parents. Scribbles Software further added that the product would enable to empower students of their records. The firm sustained by adding that students would also have ownership of their transcripts, certifications, and other credentials.

Founding Partner Ron Christian expressed – 

“It is a true honor that we can provide the benefits of this technology on such a large scale.  This first step enables schools to empower students, reduce costs, and lays the foundation for exciting future applications which will allow students to use their data in new and powerful ways.”

Scribbles Software emphasized on the need for such a solution, citing that it would entirely eliminate the need for a middleman. The firm highlighted the product’s usage of a high-tech system which ensures adhering to technology standards. Scribbles Software maintained that by using blockchain, many aspects of productivity gain such as transparency would be established between stakeholders.

Scribbles Software shared insight that the solution would enable students to carry with them a trusted digital record. The students can use this as an academic endorsement in their future workplace or educational institution. Scribbles Software reiterated that students possess full ownership of their achievements and records. The firm noted that K-12 districts can free themselves from routine student checks by third-parties.

Blockchain records released by Scribbles Software

Scribbles Software briefly touched upon its key industry engagements noting its presence in the market for almost a decade. The firm also highlighted its operation in many states and the wide usage of its software by students. Scribbles Software summarized by noting that the right to information is vital and not optional.

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