Blockchain based prescription management platform heralded by ScriptAssist Holdings

ScriptAssist Holdings announced on 24 June the launch of its prescription management platform built on blockchain technology through its subsidiary, ScriptAssist Pharmacy (SAPh).

ScriptAssist conveyed information that SAPh is an online and retail pharmacy that aids patients who are mandated to the strict medicinal regimen. The novelty of the management platform is that the blockchain is patient-oriented and is a first in the pharmaceutical sector. Such offers have arisen in response to complaints of many data breaches. Several large data breaches had been identified. SAPh works towards offering better security through its proprietary platform.

Jason Owens, CEO and managing partner of ScriptAssist Holdings cited – 

“Patient data and privacy are our priority. We understand the importance of keeping our patient’s prescription data safe and secure, and we go the extra mile to help protect the privacy of our patient’s medical data through HIPAA compliance and through our technology platform.” 

ScriptAssist sustained by adding that SAPh network fosters the easy movement of data between doctors and pharmacists. There is also much to offer in terms of transparency and security. The retail pharmacy firm further added that the patients stand much benefited to leverage the blockchain to manage prescriptions, supplements, and vitamins. Through a pouch management system, even the dosage is administered.

ScriptAssist conveyed information that SAPh is an online and retail pharmacy that aids patients who are mandated to the strict medicinal regimen.

ScriptAssist threw light on the need for the pharmaceutical industry to be well aligned to the latest developments. The firm noted that currently, the pharmaceutical industry was almost stagnant when it came to technology advancement. Certain barriers prevent the patients from updating their awareness about the drugs, dosage and medical management. Bob Leland, COO and managing partner of ScriptAssist Holdings expressed that the new takeaway would address the inhibitions.

In June, the retail giant Walmart shared an update about collaborating with IBM, KPMG, and Merck to evaluate the use of blockchain for protecting pharmaceutical product integrity. Walmart expressed that the companies had been selected by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

ScriptAssist concluded on a note to inform briefly about its salient industry offerings. ScriptAssist Holdings is the parent firm of ScriptAssist Pharmacy and ScriptAssist Technologies.  Together the entities extend much support to the retail and online pharmacy. Such offers provide much productivity gain and the presence of blockchain would only herald the next generation of services. The divisions are operated by CEO Jason Owens and COO Bob Leland. ScriptAssist gave a heads-up on the upcoming session, McKesson ideaShare in Orlando, which it would be attending.