Blockchain-based platform TRON gaining version

Reputed blockchain-based platform TRON announced on 18 June about its mainnet upgrade to version 3.6. This comes after continuous updates and iterations.

TRON Foundation conveyed that the new rollout named Odyssey-V3.6 would be benefited from a more lightweight built-in event server. There would also be an added protocol data check. TRON Foundation noted that the TRON blockchain has a transaction per second (TPS) ranging in the tens of thousands. The blockchain firm also emphasized that it endeavors to attract users to its ecosystem through great incentives.

TRON Foundation echoed its sentiments as –

“We would like to thank all for your continuous support for TRON, and give a big thanks to our developers for their hard work around the clock, which allows TRON’s ecosystem to continue to grow with rapid development. Let’s look forward to Odyssey-V3.6 presented to you by the world’s largest blockchain decentralized application operating system!”

TRON Foundation acknowledged its stand as a public chain focused on building entertainment-focused decentralized applications (DApps). The blockchain firm clarified that developers could develop decentralized applications on both TRON protocol or Tron Virtual Machine. The highlight of the upgrade version 3.6 was that it would make the creation of decentralized applications easier as well as provide better network security.

tron foundation named odyssey-v3.6

TRON Foundation threw light on the various new features in version 3.6. There have been new machine instructions supporting more novel features, the deployer can now improve the privacy of the contract by clearing an aspect of it. Among other features include a lightweight built-in server that eases development activity of DApps. Another singular feature is a facility to prevent malicious data on the chain.

TRON Foundation sustained by adding a few more salient features. Users can add transaction permission settings which are compatible with multi-signature. Users can further improve the stability of the TRON network by optimizing the broadcasting process.

In May, TRON Foundation conveyed the news that Opera browser would start support for TRON’s TRX and other tokens. It was expressed that Opera’s decision to add another blockchain to its platform signifies its growth strategy. It was clarified that the user interface does not require any third party browser extension or wallet applications.

Similarly, the TRON Foundation announced its collaboration with Cred to offer lending and borrowing services to TRON framework. While introducing Cred as a leading crypto lending and borrowing service provider, Cred would also offer crypto loans. TRON Foundation noted that its community would be benefited and would foster the growth of its ecosystem.