Blockchain-as-a-service redefined by YAO Network

In a bid to have a centralized system of decentralized technology, YAO Network is striving to provide blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS). This development was on 14 July.

YAO Network commenced by informing that the novel platform gathered much attention from the media by being titled as one of the few to launch a public infrastructure solution. The cloud platform firm indicated that the platform would function as an ecosystem entry, a computation hub and a service market for blockchain communities. YAO Network clarified that BaaS is a technology that enables to use of cloud infrastructure to create their own blockchain solutions.

YAO Network cited on the development of BaaS as –

“Despite recent developments in the BaaS sector, BaaS remains far from maturity. Having cycled through two “versions”, many are hoping the increase in demand would spur BaaS to scale up as a sector in order to meet the growing need for a network of blockchain communities. The future platform, BaaS 3.0, should rightfully introduce new technical frameworks with outstanding features for both enterprises and individuals, providing a thriving ecosystem with diversified content for online and offline technology communities. While many platforms are still in the midst of grappling with the transition, YAO Network has been quick to respond to the call and has developed its own blockchain platform to make BaaS 3.0 a reality.”

YAO Network further added on its role by explaining that the firm aims to be an entry point into the blockchain world. The cloud platform firm noted that the solution could be leveraged by developers to access mainstream blockchain networks and view relevant information for their blockchain projects. YAO Network sustained by adding about its aims to provide supportive access tools and a great technological interface to facilitate application development.

YAO Network indicated that the platform would function as an ecosystem entry, a computation hub and a service market for blockchain communities.

In May, there were reports of YAO Network launching Open Blockchain Infrastructure Platform. YAO Network headlined that the next-generation public infrastructure is based on BaaS 3.0 design concept. The firm conveyed that the network’s architecture makes it easy for enterprises and developers to design, build their own blockchain applications in the cloud environment.

YAO Network finalized on a note indicating that like time, technology was biased towards no person. The cloud platform firm reiterated the prominence of blockchain and its proliferation around the globe. YAO Network conveyed that soon the fourth industrial revolution would set in and BaaS platform offered by YAO Network would become mainstream. The firm encouraged users to be a part of the revolution and extended outreach through social media.