Block Crafters joins KuCoin’s Global Ambassador Program

KuCoin, an international cryptocurrency exchange shared news on 30 June that Block Crafters would join its Global Titan Ambassador Program.

KuCoin introduced Block Crafters as a Seoul-based investment fund and blockchain consulting firm. The exchange added that Block Crafters would work closely with it in terms of early blockchain projects discovery and acceleration. Block Crafters would also be engaged with KuCoin and KuCoin Shares (KCS) development. KuCoin emphasized that blockchain technology had become extremely important amongst industries.

Michael Gan, CEO at KuCoin expressed – 

“At KuCoin, we are always committed to finding the ‘hidden gems’ in the crypto world and bringing them to the masses before anyone else. Korea has accumulated a number of outstanding blockchain-related firms and become one of the crypto hubs of Asia. We are delighted to partner with Block Crafters and we believe this will enable us to better empower the blockchain start-ups and communities there.”

KuCoin further added on the emergence of blockchain and allied technologies. The exchange shared a statistic that funds raised via Initial Coin Offering (ICO) were thrice as much in 2018 compared to 2017. KuCoin mentioned on the downside that many projects adopting blockchain technology were not faring well. The exchange shared a study which indicated that almost 92% of the blockchain projects had failed, which highlights the need to identify effective projects.

KuCoin added that Block Crafters would work closely with it in terms of early blockchain projects discovery and acceleration.

KuCoin clarified on the industry engagements of Block Crafters which had facilitated it to set standards. KuCoin conveyed that Block Crafters is one of the largest blockchain accelerators. The exchange noted that Block Crafters was poised to become the best financial group with a focus on decentralized technologies. KuCoin stated that Block Crafters had accelerated and supported over 30 projects related to finance, games or other domains.

In January, Arwen, a Boston-based blockchain company reported about its partnership with KuCoin. The collaboration worked towards a goal to provide traders with even more secure facilities while trading at centralized exchanges. Another point of the highlight of the partnership is that in case of a security compromise, funds are at risk. The embrace would work against thwarting such risks even in the case of a hack.

KuCoin wrapped up by throwing light on the Global Titan Ambassador Program. The exchange clarified that the program was launched in August last year with broad goals to connect organizations with the right blockchain and crypto projects. KuCoin indicated that through the partnership, ambassadors would scan and pick projects. If such projects are deemed feasible, it would be checked by the KuCoin team and fast-tracked if approved for listing.