Bittrex to adorn European soil, lowers US trading fees

Bittrex announced that it was offering lower trading fees on its US dollar markets while also spreading wings to European markets. This development was on 12 June.

Bittrex headlined that it had cut U.S. dollar (USD) market trading fees to as low as 0 and Euro markets were just around the corner. The global leader in the blockchain revolution emphasized that the European offer would allow fiat trading in Euros for the first time ever. As an example of this monumental offer, Bittrex has lowered USD market fees to 0 maker and 0.15% taker (reduced by 100% and 40%, respectively).

Bittrex further expressed –

“Qualifying accounts that have generated $30,000 or more in trading volume in any month across all markets (BTC, ETH, USDT, or USD) since joining Bittrex or Bittrex International will have USD market trading fees automatically lowered to the promotional rate. Upon completion of the promotional month, a new fee schedule with volume-based USD market fees will apply for qualifying accounts on both and Bittrex International.”

Bittrex clarified that new or existing Bittrex accounts without a history of high volume may also qualify for the promotional USD market fees immediately. The blockchain firm noted that accounts expecting to have a 30-day rate of 30,000 U.S. dollars or more in volume across any markets at Bittrex could request to be included in the mentioned portal.

Bittrex headlined that it had cut US dollar market trading fees to as low as 0 and Euro markets were just around the corner.

Bittrex further added that the promotion month (0 maker fees and 0.15% taker fees) ends in July. Bittrex suggested that every qualified account has received email communication sent directly to the email address on file for their Bittrex account. This is to confirm inclusion in the promotion. To learn more about this development, Bittrex suggested the respective portal.

Last month, Bittrex and iBitt Exchange announced a partnership to herald a new digital asset trading platform,, facilitated by Bittrex technology. Bittrex sustained by adding that the partnership would enable integration across a host of blockchain powered financial services. The current offer is for the South American countries, Chile and Peru. The services include a network of ATM terminals and remittance service. This facility is leveraged through iBitt group companies Investa and Quick Express (Quickex).

The development follows Bittrex decision earlier to block its US-based users from trading in 32 cryptocurrencies starting late June. After the change is enforced, US customers would not be able to buy or sell the select coins, and open orders involving the assets would be canceled.