Bitsonic exchange to act as FLETA’s validator

Blockchain platform FLETA announced that Bitsonic, a crypto exchange based in South Korea, has joined the FLETA’s Validator network. This news was on 09 July.

FLETA conveyed that the validator of its blockchain would be an operator of Hyper Formulator, a high-performance mining node of FLETA. FLETA added that validators play an important role in FLETA blockchain. Validators enhance the credibility and stability of FLETA blockchain. FLETA continued that validators build the FLETA governance for effective development of its ecosystem.

While adding more on the role of validator, FLETA expressed – 

“Considering the significant roles of Validator, FLETA is focusing on inviting trustworthy corporations that are committed to cultivating the FLETA’s ecosystem together. Confirmed Validators so far include GDAC and Cosmostation, one of the top Validators of Cosmos(ATOM). Also, the other participating Validators are Glosfer, the first generation Korean blockchain company; Like Lion, a educational organisation specialised in computer programming; and For Our, the accelerator of the Oasis City project.”

FLETA further added that Bitsonic was a cryptocurrency exchange established by Skoop Media. The blockchain platform noted that Skoop Media is a leading mobile application company. FLETA indicated that their product includes Baedal Minjok (food delivery app), SOCAR (car-sharing app), Memebox (online shopping application), and Naver Webtoon (webcomic application). FLETA’s Validator line-up is expected to become more robust with Bitsonic.

fleta added that validators play an important role in fleta blockchain.

FLETA touched upon its key engagements by noting that is was a blockchain platform whose goal was to accelerate the commercialization of blockchain. FLETA stated that it had developed outstanding blockchain technologies. FLETA suggested that with its technologies, it aimed to solve problems that existing platforms have. These inhibitions include slow speeds, scalability limitation, and excessive fees. 

In May, FLETA blockchain platform launched public testnet with a peak of 15,000 transactions per second (TPS). With this, the developer-focused public blockchain infrastructure proved its capabilities with high TPS, scalable architecture, and efficient operations. By adding FLETA Gateway on its mainnet, FLETA planned to enhance interoperability with other existing platforms such as Ethereum, Tron, and EOS.

FLETA concluded by stating that it was dedicated to fostering the most developer-friendly environment with a more scalable, efficient and cost-effective solution. FLETA indicated its aims to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain technology. FLETA shared information that its core technology included Independent Multi-chain structure, Block Redesign, LEVEL Tree validation, parallel sharding, and its own consensus algorithm Proof-of-Formulation (PoF).