BitMovio, Block72 partner towards blockchain expansion

BitMovio shared encouraging news on 06 October about joining forces with Block72. This coming together by the two firms was aimed at global expansion.

Simon Zhu, co-founder, and CEO of BitMovio echoed sentiments citing – 

“We’ve gained significant momentum over the past several months with hundreds of studios/creators and thousands of hours of premium content onboarded, especially among the independent film, TV, and professional YouTube streamer community. We expect that this partnership with Block72 will help double down on BitMovio’s leadership position in the blockchain entertainment space with expansion into South Korea, China, and other Southeast Asian countries.”

BitMovio further added that it looked forward to spreading its wings into the Asian market. The video entertainment platform briefly touched upon its key industry engagements. BitMovio added that it was an amalgamation of Twitch, Netflix, and Patreon while providing features related to blockchain or cryptocurrency. BitMovio noted that it was not a fully deployed product while working on blockchain development and other applications.

BitMovio, Block72 partner towards blockchain expansion

BitMovio clarified that they were on an endeavor to release their own cryptocurrency token. The video entertainment platform company also mentioned about teaming up with Theta Labs towards a video innovation. BitMovio sustained by adding that they radically want to change content distribution principles. BitMovio highlighted the variety of content that it housed which include sci-fi, games among others.

Sinhae Lee, founding partner at Block72 had her share of say quoting that they were always on the lookout for promising blockchain projects. She added that such projects should have the potential to solve real-world problems. Sinhae expressed enthusiasm to see the growth of BitMovio’s solution into Block72’s ecosystem. She summarized by adding that with the success of this mission, they would be able to build a use case explaining their course of work.

VideoCoin, a company focused on blockchain-based video infrastructure, announced an innovation thereby heralding VideoCoin Network. VideoCoin noted offering some video solutions related to distribution, encoding, and others. VideoCoin emphasized that users could make use of VID token to stream their content on VideoCoin Network. VideoCoin made a point of distinction that this facility was enabled for the first time. The VID token is also available on select crypto exchanges.