Bitfinex now supports OKEx Native Token OKB and OKLink Stablecoin USDK

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced the listing of its native token OKB on another leading crypto exchange Bitfinex. OKEx shared the press release on June 12.

Besides adding support for OKB, Bitfinex is also listing USDK a stablecoin developed together by OKLink, a blockchain company and Nevada-based Prime Trust.

Bitfinex will offer nine new tokens and other cryptocurrencies starting from 10 am today (June 13). Some of which include US Dollars, Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), EOS and Ethereum (ETH).

With no initial plans of launching OKB on any blockchain, the token was launched in April 2018 due to the secret development of their public blockchain – OKChain. However, with a soar of demands from its community, OKEx eventually launched the 300 million OKB on the Ethereum Network.

The release highlights OKB’s specialty in allowing OKEx’s users to carry out chores on the exchange like building a partner exchange, settling trading fees and subscription for new tokens on OKEx’s token sale platform OK Jumpstart.  

Bitfinex will open trading for nine new trading pairs including USDK/USD, BTC/USDK, ETH/USDK, USDT/USDK, EOS/USDK, OKB/USD, OKB/BTC, OKB/ETH and OKB/USDT.

As of now, the OKB token is an ERC-20 operating on the Ethereum network, migrating to OKChain scheduled later this year, as mentioned in the press release.

Earlier this year, OKEx announced the development of its own blockchain called OKChain, also which supports the platform’s first decentralized exchange (DEX).

Last month, Bitfinex started the trading of UNUS SED LEO. The utility token was designed to improve the capabilities of its community.

In December 2018, OKEx launched a new crypto derivative called Perpetual Swap. The product lets users predict the future value of Bitcoin/USD, as per OKEx’s index. These perpetual swaps reportedly have no expiration, which refers to holding of positions for an indefinite period.