BitDeer and BTC.TOP partner towards enhanced mining service, leading computing power-sharing platform announced a strategic partnership with BTC.TOP on 12 July to provide better-shared mining solutions.

BitDeer introduced BTC.TOP as one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pools. BitDeer also informed that BTC.TOP holds an estimated 11.2% of the Bitcoin network’s hashrate. The power-sharing platform conveyed that the two mining giants were on an endeavor to provide enhanced mining solutions to a multitude of users globally. BitDeer also calls upon its prowess to directly connect users with mining pools.

Celine Lu, founder, and CEO of expressed – 

“BTC.TOP is one of the world’s top mining pools for Bitcoin and Litecoin, and greatly values them as a respectable business partner. We believe BTC.TOP will bring its rich experience and expertise in mining operations to our union, and thus help us better serve our worldwide users.”

CEO of BTC.TOP and mining industry veteran Jiang Zhuoer echoed the development by noting their enthusiasm partnering with BitDeer. Jiang highlighted the potential of BTC.TOP having extensive business operations. He indicated that BTC.TOP also has mining pools, farms and other services. Jiang clearly added about looking forward to collaborations with BitDeer in the near future.

Bitdeer and two mining agents

BitDeer noted on its commitment to deliver transparent, convenient and professional solutions to miners of varied backgrounds. BitDeer added a point of distinction about its singular shared mining service model. The computing power-sharing platform further added that in comparison to the norm, users were enabled to choose and switch between the world’s top mining pools.

In May, there was news about BitDeer joining forces with China’s crypto mining giant Bitmain to strengthen a strategic brand alliance. The partnership began with a series of cross-marketing initiatives with Antminer,, and AntPool, three of Bitmain’s major subsidiary product line-ups. Key personnel noted that the cooperation between Bitmain and BitDeer was a positive strategy. The partnership would greatly increase mining options for the customer base.

BitDeer wrapped up by conveying that by teaming with respectable industry partners, it was committed to building a healthier cryptocurrency mining ecosystem. BitDeer also mentioned about contributing to a more transparent cloud mining industry. BitDeer founder and CEO Celine Lu had proposed the Cloud Mining Industrial Standard Draft during the 2019 China Mining Industry Summit. This was in a bid to call upon industry leaders help fuel a healthier mining economy.