Bitcoin incentive for English learners

BeNative announced on 11 September rewarding with Bitcoin after learning English and participating in various events.

BeNative commenced by informing that it has heralded its own Digital Token Economy, under the slogan ‘Learn English, Earn Bitcoin’. BeNative further added that it has more than 600,000 users from 180 countries globally. The firm noted that they have launched their business globally through SMATOOS Inc., with headquarters based in Korea, followed by other foreign corporate branches in Japan, Hongkong, and Beijing.

Alan Moonsoo Kim, BeNative CEO expressed – 

“BeNative has rewarded XP to the users since 2016, however, the process of small reward payment to global users was plagued by international remittance procedures and high fees. Now we have an environment where blockchain technology can be used to make compensation easier and simpler. Even though the blockchain technology has been invented from the west, BeNative will bring more learners motivated to learn foreign languages and contribute to the advancement of the token economy in daily life, leading the global ed-tech industry.”

BeNative sustained by adding that it was going to release its digital token called BNV (BeNative Voucher) developed using blockchain technology. BeNative maintained that the BNV token would be used for global users from 180 countries in the world. Such users could subscribe to learning contents and for enterprise brand sponsorship.


BeNative summarized by adding that it was now adding new content like English Quizzes consists of various themes, including Daily English, YouTube, K-pop, Movies, Food, and Enterprise Brand Quiz. BeNative further informed that users who participate in the learning experience would be rewarded with bitcoin as well. BeNative finally added that this new way of a reward system would greatly benefit the BeNative ecosystem.

In an activity related to education, Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar announced plans to collaborate on a range of blockchain research cum educational initiatives. Huobi Group initiated by headlining that the partnership denotes Huobi University’s first formal collaboration with a Western university. The research wing further added that the embrace was intended to help bridge the gap between Chinese and Western blockchain communities. A memorandum of understanding was formally signed between the parties confirming the partnership.