Bitcoin Hyper to rule as fastest Bitcoin

Bitcoin Hyper (BHY), announced a US and Latin America strategic partnership that will result in token access to millions of merchants throughout Latin America. This development was on 30 July.

Bitcoin Hyper elaborated that the partnership placed it on a common integration path, collaboratively working with leading bodies. Such reputed entities include Affinitas Medios de Pago (AMP) the Leading Non-Bank Affiliated processor in Mexico and Latin America. The other stakeholder includes Global Oculus, a Global Financial Services network with sustaining connectivity to millions of merchants. 

Mike Estrada, Chief Executive Officer of Global Oculus, another partnering member added – 

“We are excited to provide the rails for Bitcoin Hyper to offer a true native merchant solution for its high-speed cryptocurrency. Global Oculus’ network provides global payment framework, terminal integrations and complex reporting required to process cryptocurrency transactions in real-time unlike others who use prepaid debit cards to facilitate transactions using traditional payment rails.  This allows merchants to enroll and accept Bitcoin Hyper at the checkout with the same seamless results consumers expect.”

Bitcoin Hyper sustained by adding that the arrangement was designed to natively integrate Bitcoin Hyper into the existing merchant networks. The novel token firm added that there would also be a facility to expand the point of sale acceptance. Bitcoin Hyper clarified that such an approach expands Omnichannel payment acceptance with a new safe, secure payment option. The seamless offer is available to both merchants and customers. 

the arrangement is designed to integrate bitcoin hyper into the existing merchant networks.

Bitcoin Hyper shared brief credentials of its partners. Affintias and its technology platform AFFIPAY is a leading brand in the payment industry, with a presence in different countries. Affintias deploys state of the art technology with e-commerce solutions and card present technology. Global Oculus is a leading provider of blockchain payments solutions enabling banks, processors, merchants and developers access its global processing network.

Recently, Bitcoin Hyper launched on, a virtual exchange. Bitcoin Hyper is an enhanced version of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Hyper is digital money for the digital age. In terms of usability, if a consumer is either buying something online or sending money around the world, Bitcoin Hyper overcomes the processing delays.

Bitcoin Hyper concluded by informing that the Bitcoin for fast transactions, was available for at and Bitcoin Hyper emphasized that it trades under the symbol BHY. Bitcoin Hyper reiterated that it was a decentralized cryptocurrency community focused on improving transaction speed and reducing the costs of cryptocurrency transactions.