BitBoss to leverage tokenized protocol

Alex Shore, Owner, and CTO, BitBoss Corporation announced on 08 August that it was now receiving and sending tokens on top of the BitcoinSV blockchain, in a bid to foster BSV community.

Chief Engineer Justin Laue echoed his sentiments as – 

“This is a major milestone with our cryptocurrency wallet technology. We leveraged the BitBoss Keyring libraries to develop our BSV wallet, and now we are able to create and send custom tokens within that wallet. We’d like to extend our thanks for the amazing ongoing support that the Tokenized team has provided us throughout our development cycle.”

Alex further added that BitBoss was developing with the Javascript implementation of the tokenized protocol. He added that this was contributed to the tokenized open source project. Alex noted that this would be a breakthrough for the gaming platform, with the platform of BitBoss integrated with the Bitcoin SV network. These endeavors were broadly in plans to support the developer community of the tokenized protocol.

Alex maintained by adding that BitBoss is a blockchain-based online gaming platform. He emphasized that the firm is working towards expanding the real-time casino and sports betting industry. Alex opined that while blockchain-based gaming and gambling were all set to dominate the online future, the integration is an important one. He summarized that the development would allow BitBoss to create innovative products for the industry. 

Alex clarified that BitBoss is a real-money gaming company working on novel solutions. Alex drew an analogy stating that similar to how ERC-20 tokens power creative solutions on Ethereum, BitBoss was using tokenized for similar capabilities on BSV. Alex continued that on the network the token could also leverage the highly scalable framework, extremely low transaction fees, and built-in double-spending prevention functionality.

In July, building on Keyring libraries, BitBoss continued to support the Bitcoin SV development community with the contribution of a Javascript implementation of the token protocol. This newly contributed source code was initially being used by the BitBoss development teams to build browser-based and mobile applications.

Alex concluded mentioning that BitBoss was witnessing new customer opportunities and increased interest in its products. Alex backed that this rise in popularity was because of what it was able to do with custom casino tokens. Alex extended outreach to readers wanting to know more to visit their portal. He also shared the location of the Javascript-based tokenized protocol.