Binance Launchpad, the exclusive token launch platform of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, announced on 07 March the launch of its next supporting project, Celer Network, a testnet deployed solution.

The blog headlined that Celer Network has created the blockchain industry’s first known solution to build decentralized applications that match the user experience of centralized applications. Both developers and companies alike can build, operate and utilize such applications.

The blog clearly captured the essence of bringing on Celer Network to Binance Launchpad. In an effort to scale the infrastructure and development tools, such projects are important. Such endeavors also help advance utility frameworks and help identify practical use cases.

Binance CEO and Founder, Changpeng Zhao cited –

“The lack of valuable solutions and good user experiences of blockchain-based technologies are caused by its limited scalability possibilities which have been a major hurdle towards unlocking its significant adoption potential to date. Celer is currently at the forefront of solving this challenge with the early demonstrations of its sustainable crypto economics construct and layer-2 blockchain architect powering it.”

The blog expressed that with its novel architecture, Celer Network enables easy, instant and secure blockchain transactions. Celer Network’s infrastructure currently hosts Ethereum transactions and is well poised to cater to real-world applications like interactive gaming, general pay-per-use services, microinsurance, non-custodial financial assets exchanges, decentralized derivative exchanges, electricity power exchange, and Internet services.

Established firms giving much needed support to innovative projects is a push to support crypto innovation and acceptance.

The blog mentioned an event directed towards testnet launch that happened last month. Celer Network released CelerX, an application platform for iOS and Android. This offering is backed by an advanced scaling platform where CelerX users have tested and continued to use its instant cum payment-free application.

The blog noted that this is Binance Launchpad’s third inaugural project of 2019 following the post-ICO era. In an effort to help upcoming blockchain startups raise funds to develop their products, Binance helps with its advisory resources and access to its ecosystem. 

The blog maintained that Binance Launchpad hosts high-quality token projects in an effort to set the bar high for the token launch market. Binance Launchpad also remains committed to helping projects raise awareness and capital.

The blog concluded on a note of scrutiny conveying that Binance Launchpad adheres to a process where projects are examined closely and evaluated for compliance plus supporting a strong team. Such projects like Celer Network should also have a large scalability potential that would be helpful to the entire crypto community.