Cryptocurrency market is expanding widely across the globe, which is evident as countries with less economy are also pitching on cryptocurrencies in recent times. With a number of cryptocurrencies on the horizon, it is indeed a tough task to keep updated on all the happenings in the crypto-industry.

The cryptocurrency market is extremely unpredictable and influenced by many unforeseen events. From forks, new regulations, events to new research and developments, etc all these events influence the viewpoints of the market and in turn, the values of cryptocurrencies.

This is the reason why news aggregators are a vital medium for a successful crypto trader and investor. Today, there are a number of aggregators that focus exclusively on cryptocurrency news, market, events to keep users updated.

CryptoControl is one such news aggregator platform that allows users to follow news of numerous cryptocurrencies under one place. The platform enables users to track news from mainstream sources, crypto news sources and social media.

CryptoControl Features

CryptoControl mainly operates as a news aggregator, which publishes the latest crypto news from a range of popular sources. This website helps users to track the news from various portals, including online magazines, social media, and mainstream blogs. 

Here’s a list of some of its features:

Crypto Terminal

Crypto terminal enables users with news, data and sophisticated trading tools. The terminal provides unique tools and software which are listed below:

  • Arbitrage Trading: A single-click feature that displays exactly how much a user will earn the following short or long arbitrage path. The arbitrage software will allow the user to earn more which will automate profit maximization for traders when there is a huge price gap between exchanges.
  • Crypto Trading Software: This software enables the user to trade cryptocurrencies on over 60 plus exchanges. It also helps to monitor all crypto markets quickly and analyze arbitrage opportunities. The user can manage all orders, view positions and even manage balance through one interface.
  • Real-time News Feed: The real-time cryptocurrency news feed provides more than 500 crypto news sources and over 2000 plus mainstream news sources within minutes of publishing.
  • Track ICOs and STOs: The website allows the user to easily track top trending and best Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and  Security Token Offerings (STO). The users can view and review ratings from various ICO listing sites and can also track social media engagement.
  • Portfolio and Risk Management: This tool helps the user to manage and track cryptocurrency portfolio. Users can keep track of all your funds in one place and import funds from multiple exchanges and have them deposited in an in-built wallet.  
  • Track Mining Activities and Pools: Users can get insights about hash rates for the various coins and the can have the distribution of hashpower easily in one place.

Crypto News Article

The users can filter the news according to the categories such as analysis, blockchain, crypto exchange, ICOs, mining, government, and general. Users can also choose different languages with news of their choice in categories like top, following and latest news.

Heatmap Heatmap

Cryptocontrol website renders cutting edge technology known as Heatmap, which displays the information based on a separate category. The articles and blogs are divided according to timeline and popularity.

The size of the block in heatmap section depends on the popularity of the post, while the background color denotes separate categories (for ex: the darker the article, the older it is). Even though this color blocked outlook is the unique feature of the website, sometimes it does become difficult to concentrate on a selective item as all the blocks move around.


CryptoControl bots can automatically post trending, multiple or single currency related news, or news related to keywords, straight to users social media accounts or any other chat application. Chatbots allow users to receive a customized crypto news feed straight into their favorite messaging app.

Cryptocurrency News API

CryptoControl website allows users to use powerful news engine for professional or commercial use. The website runs through more than 5,000 articles daily from over 1000 plus news sources. The website then uses a specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand the context of each article and connect coins and categories to each article.

Our Thoughts

CryptoControl is surely an innovative and user-friendly website. The website is coupled with Machine Learning language system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with other exclusive tools which offers a wholesome pack. The website lends users with loads of knowledge to make smart decisions in the crypto market.

Overall we do recommend CryptoControl for crypto investors to stay up-to-date with the happenings of the crypto world.