9 Best Batman Arkham Games in Order

Do you like the thrill of an adventure? Then the best action-adventure games will surely capture your attention. Since its polarity is growing, the Batman game is one of the perfected action-adventure video games to count on.

If you want to get the list of Batman games in order based on DC comics and Batman characters, you are at the right place.  In this article, you will find a quick review of the complete Arkham games in order released over the years.

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What is the order of the Batman games?

The order of the Batman games was the one that broke the mold in revitalizing the superhero video game genre. In the past, when people played superhero games, the hype and excitement only lasted for a while, like a candle burning out. Those games were immediately put on the back burner if a successful game from another genre was released.

batman arkham series order

But one thing changed in 2009. As soon as the Batman Arkham games broke out in the market, it became an incredibly successful video game series. This game was able to break all other records and achieve what other games could not do. 


List of Batman Arkham Games in Order 

As a professional superhero game franchise of all time, the Batman Arkham game series won plenty of gamers’ support and surpassed fans’ expectations. While all the other games barely touch the mark, this game adhered to all the adaptations and fantasies. Let’s take a look at all the Batman games in order. 

1. August 2009 – Batman: Arkham Asylum

This game is the first in the Batman series. The game is supported on various platforms like Windows, Xbox360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, 4 macOS, and many more. In this exciting game, a jailbreak is orchestrated by the Joker.

batman arkham series order

Batman has to restore order once Joker takes over the facility with other villains on the tail. The game is filled with exciting combat patterns and simple graphics to get you started. The game’s layout is inviting, and to make the situation livelier, it has several trophies with details. 

There are plenty of gadgets available in the game designed to suit the different scenarios of the game. It is the first in the list of Batman Arkham games in order.

2. Batman: Arkham City – October 2011

Arkham City is a 2011 super-hit video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. As a sequel to 2009 Arkham Asylum. The game features an interesting plot and exciting side missions. The game’s main story involves Batman’s ultimate imprisonment in Arkham City in a super-prison that is way bigger than the asylum.

batman arkham games in order

Batman must stop the mischief happening in the new enclosure, which Joker causes. This makes it one of the highest-rated in action-adventure games in 2011. The player gets access to tracks, investigations, and various forensic puzzles to be adventurous. The game also introduces secondary missions as you are the one controlling Batman.

Using a combination of gadgets, players get to move slowly by avoiding other inmates. You can even strike a sneak attack to hinder them.

3. Batman: Arkham Origins – October 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins is the next in line to the above game. Released in 2013, it is a prequel to the series Batman. It features an ensemble of characters from Batman comics. 

The plot begins with Batman coming to terms with Blackgate Prison, led by a black mask. The main villain is troubled by Batman’s interventions, and he puts a bounty of $50 million on killing Batman.

arkham games in order

The game has an upbeat feel, and it will be more engaging as you go on playing. The blend of combat and stealth helps you use gadgets, trophies along the way. However, the game is not as popular as its predecessors. 

It is available on PS3, Xbox 360, Windows, Wii U for a fantastic experience. It is necessary if you want to play batman games in order.

4. Batman: Arkham Knight – June 2015

The game is a continuation of Arkham City, where it starts from Arkham and Gotham’s streets. The main villain in the game is the titular Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. Titular Arkham night is a dark reflection of Batman.

batman games in order

As the fourth game, it was developed by Rocksteady Studios and is available on Xbox One, Windows, Playstation 4. Unfortunately, the creators failed to make it more interesting even after the previous game’s sub-par performance. 

In this game, the addition of the Batmobile was a crazy highlight player loved. Since there are no other significant changes in the game, it feels like a repetition of the previous games.

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Some of the Portable Batman Series and Expansions

batman arkham series order

1. Batman: Arkham City Lockdown – 2011

Arkham City Lockdown was released for iOS, and it is a mobile fighting game for Arkham City. But it is no longer variable in any of the platforms. The game saw the return of many iconic characters from Arkham City and Asylum. It was more like combat rather than a story.

2. Batman: Arkham Origins – 2013 (Mobile)

Arkham Origins for mobile is a mobile action game developed by Netherrealm Studios in 2013. It is obtainable for both iOS and Android. The storyline and the plot are similar to Arkham’s origins with some alterations and keep your curiosity for batman games in order.

3. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate – 2013

This game is more like a spin-off of Batman released in 2013, along with the other version. It is a 2.5D side-scrolling game that involves fluid combat. At first, it was only released to PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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4. Batman: Arkham Underworld – 2016

Unlike the other game, Arkham underworld is an excellent mobile strategy where you have to take recognizable villains like Harley Quinn. In this game, the main focus is given to become the most wanted criminal in Gotham.

5. Batman: Arkham VR – 2016 

Batman: Arkham VR was released on Playstation VR in 2016. As an adventure game, the exciting events take place in Arkham City and Arkham Knight. The primary focus of the game is exploration and puzzles.  You can play Batman to investigate the sudden disappearance of Robin and Nightwing. 

6. Batman Court of Owls

The storyline of this game is when Batman puts down the uprising at Arkham Asylum. The story gets more interesting when a hidden message is pinned, saying, “Bruce Wayne Will Die Tomorrow.”

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Which Batman game can you drive the Batmobile?

arkham games in order

Batmobile is one of the most hyped features available in Batman adventure video games. You can drive the Batmobile in “Batman: Arkham Knight.” You can take the iconic ride for a spin and solve all sorts of puzzles, maneuvers, and firefights.

batman arkham series order

It also has a bunch of gadgets you can use. But to use the weapons you have to transform into a battle mode. But many players find it a little confusing as it involves brake reverse and other controls to set the vehicle forward.


Which Batman game is the best?

Batman: Arkham City is the best Batman game out of all the others in the series. It is perfect in every way, but the level of design is impressive compared to others. Rocksteady Studios set up a high bar that will impact other games for years to come. An exciting fact is that players can glide above from one rooftop to another, bringing back pleasant memories to last forever.

Later games like Arkham origins and others tried to match its hype, but none came closer to Arkham City’s success. If you want to feel the full grandiose of Batman, choose Batman: Arkham City from the Batman Arkham series order.


Which Batman game does Joker die?

batman games in order

If you are an avid adventurous video game player, you would know that Joker dies in Batman: Arkham Knight. In the previous game “Arkham City,” the story goes like Batman Killed Joker. It is shown as Joker dies at the end of the previous game. But it’s all fake because the Joker is in the entire game.  


What Do People Think About the Batman Games in Order? According to People’s Review and Internet Research

Take a look at these screenshots to know more about the batman games in order:

batman games in order

arkham games in order


The Bottom Line

For plenty of gamers and creators, the Batman Arkham series has given a sense of inspiration. It is one of the favorite ways to pass time-building creativity for many players. The widespread expansion of the game is available in mobile through Batman spin-offs made it even more successful. 

Given the short span of attention to superhero games, the order of Arkham games stood timeless. The game layout and concept are commendable beyond measure, and the studio also made it viable on multiple platforms. Although some sequels are not as great, hopefully, there will be a new and improved version with creative concepts in the future.



1. Which Batman game came first?

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the first game released in the order of the Arkham series. 

2. Are All the Batman games connected?

Yes, all the Batman games are connected, but it is unnecessary to play them in a particular order. 

3. Can I skip Arkham origins?

Yes, you can skim the Batman: Arkham Origin game. It is by far the worst game I have ever played in the series. Due to its repetition, it can get quite dull.

4. Do you need to play the Batman games in order?

Although it is not necessary to play the Batman games, each game connects with a unique storyline. If you play in order, you can get used to the different combat systems employed in the game.

5. Can I play Arkham Knight first?

Arkham knight is the end of a series game. What fun is there to stare from the end. You will have a better experience if you start the game from the beginning.


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