BADCoin offers a new mining field for enthusiasts

Globe NewsWire shared news on 21 June that over 500 miners rushed to mine the new digital coin BADCoin. BADCoin is said to level the playing field allowing anyone to mine.

Globe NewsWire conveyed information that BADCoin was a peer-to-peer multichain backed by five blockchains. The news major added that a unique chain like BADChain allows faster, cheaper and efficient transactions. Globe NewsWire further added on the versatility to mine BADCoin. No special hardware is required and users could use supercomputers to old computers. The point of distinction is that machines with higher configuration face penalty.

While noting the potency of BADCoin, the news major quoted –

“BADcoin is fast. It’s ten times faster than Bitcoin. It’s secure. It’s fair. Anyone can mine it from any computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet. Bad Crypto has learned that a third party intends to set up the BADcoin Foundation to be the custodian of the blockchain. The foundation will help continue and encourage development on the project, market the project, and assist in getting listed on exchanges.  However, no one owns the BADcoin protocol. Anyone can build upon it and make it even better for the community.”

Globe NewsWire sustained by adding about the inherent flaw in Bitcoin mining, centralized mining. Globe NewsWire further added noting about the computing power of Bitmain machines. Such machines actually monopolize Bitcoin mining preventing ordinary users from even attempting such operations. Globe NewsWire clarified that in order to compete with professional machines, users would require expensive server farms.

BADCoin is a peer-to-peer multichain backed by five blockchains, allowing faster, cheaper and efficient transactions.

Globe NewsWire clarified on the solution to make BADCoin blockchain unique. By linking with five blockchains, the hybrid solution determines at a later stage which algorithm to connect to. The news major provided an example where if the user either connects via a supercomputer or a personal computer, the algorithm would decide the right algorithm. Even factors like block reward are decided by the algorithm.

In March, Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings ventured into making mining chips. SBI conveyed that it would undertake the production by working together with a large semiconductor company in the US. The new venture would be led by former NASA veteran who had achieved exceptional expertise in the area.

Globe NewsWire wrapped up by urging users to start mining BADCoin. The news major suggested that any computer would be sufficient to mine the coin and not just high-end systems. Even personnel from developing countries could leverage this opportunity. Globe NewsWire finally shared the portal address of BADCoin.