aXpire project integrates with Binance Chain

aXpire project announced that it would be integrating with Binance Chain, a blockchain software system developed by Binance and the community. This development was on 24 June.

The aXpire team informed that the logistics of the integration would consist of moving a portion of the AXPR token supply into Binance Chain. This would be in the compatible format. aXpire informed that this takeaway would be tradeable on Binance DEX once the community approves the listing. The aXpire team highlighted a point of significance that this form of non-custodial trading was the future while being backed by a strong company with clear goals.

The aXpire team while capturing the essence of the embrace quoted – 

“As ardent supporters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space’s growth and maturation, aXpire recognizes the immense impact Binance has had on the entire ecosystem. Their work is appreciated, and we can’t wait to see how their technology and platform can be leveraged for the aXpire project.”

The aXpire team acknowledged their immense support for Binance, noting the company for their singular contributions to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. aXpire threw light on the fact that they were major holders of BNB token, which is Binance’s own token. The volume of BNB held almost makes aXpire the leading owner of this digital asset. aXpire pointed out another aspect of significant potential, the support for building efficient decentralized apps (DApps) on Binance Chain.

aXpire informed that this takeaway would be tradeable on Binance DEX once the community approves the listing.

The aXpire team made it crystal clear that the drift towards Binance Chain would in no way sideline the significance of AXPR token. On the contrary, the AXPR token would be elevated to a newer standard. The project indicated that a cross-blockchain bridge had been built with help from the firm Fantom that allows easy toggle between standards. The project further added on the need for interoperability and praised the ability to execute such a workflow.

Recently, Bitcoin-pegged tokens were introduced on Binance Chain. This offer is in the nascent stage and eventually, other tokens would also be pegged and introduced on Binance Chain. Another point of interest is that this offer would eventually be available on Binance DEX. The most vital advantage of such novelties is that pegged tokens are directly backed by native fiat.

The aXpire team wrapped up by reiterating on the need for efficiency and ability to operate on multiple platforms. aXpire believed that synergy was required between them and believed in skating along with the ice to prevent disruptions. The project informed about the upcoming offers where users can convert between their tokens. The aXpire team thanked Binance to have helped them with the integration.