AvaTrade more versatile with three more crypto pairs

AvaTrade announced on 03 July the addition of three new digital currency pairs bringing the total number of crypto asset support to 18.

AvaTrade introduced itself as a leading forex cum Contract for Difference (CFD) broker while presenting the new digital currency pairs – NEO/USD, EOS/USD and MIOTA/USD. The forex firm emphasized the need to up the ante with the new offer. Customers were benefited to diversify their portfolios. AvaTrade also threw light on the fact that customers could increase their exposure to the crypto market which functions round the clock.

Mr. Dáire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade cited – 

“The crypto environment is becoming one of the most exciting developments in financial history. Hardly a day goes by without some additional innovation being announced. Each of these has the potential to change the world in very fundamental ways, and any company that claims a position of leadership has absolutely no choice but to stay ahead of the curve.”

AvaTrade added that this development had come in the same timeframe as Facebook which had made its foray into cryptocurrencies. The forex firm noted that this was a significant step considering many corporations were aligning to the crypto landscape and accepting blockchain technologies. In a further bid to streamline some of its processes, AvaTrade informed about relabelling some of their prominent financial instruments.

Customers were benefited to diversify their portfolios, while also increase their exposure to the crypto market which functions round the clock.

AvaTrade digressed to share some insight into their history. The forex firm noted that they were one of the world’s oldest and most respected online brokers. AvaTrade has been regulated across 5 regions with office base spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. AvaTrade added that it has maintained its stance by quickly adapting to market developments and dedicated service to its clients.

In June, CoinAll announced the incorporation of Algorand (ALGO) digital coin into its offerings. CoinAll noted that the trading pairs that would be eventually supported which include  ALGO/Bitcoin (BTC), ALGO/ETH (Ethereum), ALGO/USDT (USD Tether), and ALGO/USDK. CoinAll informed that the team behind Algorand includes Turing Award winner and other such top performers. The digital asset exchange expressed that ALGO had been designed to overcome the problems associated with blockchain.

AvaTrade expressed that its first and foremost commitment was to empower people to trade with confidence, in an innovative and reliable environment. AvaTrade continued that it was supported by effective partnerships or collaborations, best-in-class technology, customer service, and exceptional integrity.