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KMS Ganesh is the Chief Editor at Wimplo. KMS Ganesh has been a strong advocate of cryptocurrency use case of blockchain. Over the years he has earned incredible connections with influential and accomplished people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space across the globe which helped him to interact and capture their thoughts at regular intervals on the challenges and opportunities in bringing the world closer towards mass adoption. His industrial experience in managing projects and team has created a perfect synergy for the Wimplo news platform. Contact details: Mobile Phone : +91 8618182385  

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Swarm to herald security tokens to TRON

Swarm to herald security tokens to TRON

TRON Foundation announced on 10 April about supporting security tokens on its blockchain, facilitated by Swarm, a blockchain technology company. TRON commenced by introducing Swarm...

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The US Government returns bitcoins to Bitfinex

The US Government returns Bitcoins to Bitfinex

Bitfinex announced that 27.66270285 Bitcoins (BTC) that were unlawfully taken in the August 2016 security compromise have been returned to Bitfinex by the U.S....