Australia’s veteran cryptocurrency exchange is selling equity

Founded five years ago, Bit Trade was one of Australia’s first cryptocurrency exchanges. Now, Bit Trade has made news for its upcoming equity crowdfunding.

Bit Trade proudly quoted, “We are ready to share our plan to evolve Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange into an intuitive and intelligent single-sign-on gateway to the new world of investment. We invite you to join us on this journey.”

Equity crowdfunding is a relatively new addition to the finance world, coming along only in the last few years. It’s a way for everyday traders to buy a share in companies they believe in and for those companies to raise funds from a more diverse group of people.

Bit Trade is equity crowdfunding on the Equitise platform. Rather than collecting a large fund from venture capital firms, the idea is to collect smaller funds from a wider range of people. This helps the investors and the company to raise capital.

“Interest in bitcoin hasn’t died down over the years and Equitise is giving investors the chance to gain a foothold in exciting or emerging industries like the world of cryptocurrencies. This equity crowdfunding campaign is the first time in Australia that everyday investors can help shape the future of wealth by backing an innovative company like Bit Trade who are at the forefront of the smart securities market.”

said Equitise co-founder Jonny Wilkinson.

Australia’s veteran cryptocurrency exchange is selling equity

Bit Trade is a reputed firm of Australia’s cryptocurrency exchange scene, which has been in operation since 2013. It’s aiming to raise funds through the Equitise equity crowdfunding platform, whose previous financial technology fundraising successes include the Xinja neobank and others.

“At Bit Trade, we’re excited by the opportunity to help launch Australia’s premier gateway for the future of investment through the new asset class of smart securities. It doesn’t matter if you’re crypto curious or crypto serious, our platform’s accessible to both individuals and institutions and we’re really excited to be able to throw down the gauntlet and be the first Aussie digital exchange to open up our doors to everyday investors.”, Bit Trade managing director and co-founder Jonathon Miller said.

Bit Trade has promised that with funds raised from this campaign, they will launch a suite of new tools, currencies, services, functionalities, expanding their business into new markets both in Australia and overseas.

There is absolutely no doubt that with such ventures, Bit Trade will further draw people to the interesting world of cryptocurrency. This will also kindle other exchanges to promote intuitive instruments.