unveiled broad plans to change the existing trend of cryptocurrency usage complexity by offering a new crypto debit card. This refreshing news was covered by BitCoinExchangeGuide on 21 December 2018.

The trendsetter enables digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins to be used at any business or ATM across Australia. With only one big question, will such deals leave a dent and become popular? Only time will tell.

The new card being offered is unique in the fact that consumers are exempt from paying any initial start-up fees whenever they need to top up. Another immensely flexible feature is that any amount of cryptocurrency placed on the card is immediately available for use.

Danny Ariti, CEO of, says his team has been working hard to create a platform that gives Australian consumers an easy way to include cryptocurrency transactions in their everyday lives.

He also added that the adoption of the Bitcoin card has been far higher than initially expected and has seen diversity among professionals ranging in age from 18 to 80. Ariti also commented on the trending bear market quoting

“[the price drop has enabled consumers]to enter the market at a price point that they feel comfortable with.”

A 4.99 U.S. dollars, this fee is charged monthly for maintenance. The fee is refunded to customers who load 500 U.S. dollars or more over the period of a month. Such incentives foster regular usage.

A new crypto debit card blooms in Australia. Consumers can leverage the card at ATMs and terminals.

A simple activation process takes place when users receive their card and new applicants can usually get their cards the day after they have ordered it online. The maximum balance that can be stored on these cards is currently 999 U.S. dollars and purchases can be made only within Australia. provides its new users with an easy to understand and highly intuitive system of purchasing cryptocurrency. This has been made possible due to an already existing partnership with BlueShyft Network.

This collaboration would enable customers to make cryptocurrency purchases by using cash at over 1,200 stores and competing with the retail outlets across Australia. There would also be a provision for completing purchases using regular banking services and transactions. has also announced that it will create facilities to allow people to pay utility bills or send money over to family and friends using cryptocurrency. These cards, while being perfectly fine for users to work with over 30,000 different ATMs across Australia, they will also be compatible to use with existing ‘point-of-sale’ terminals.

Cryptocurrencies are already taking over by storm the current capital market. Once the hype settles to practical usage, a larger audience would adopt them.