ARK and Wolfram collaborate for a greater gain

Travis W, Co-Founder/Board Member of the blockchain innovation company, ARK announced the partnership with Wolfram Blockchain Labs on 11 March.

ARK is a company which provides developers, users, and startups with innovative blockchain technologies. The platform offered by ARK is designed for mass adoption and will deliver the services that consumers want. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is an emerging and dynamic blockchain tech company.

Travis cited on the partnership as –

“Through this collaboration, the ARK public API is now integrated into the Wolfram Language and programmatically available for analytics, application development, and computational exploration — with universal and consistent functions for building services using data from ARK nodes.”

Travis emphasized that this collaboration brings in integration between Wolfram’s distributed ledger technology (DLT) hosting architecture and the ARK Ecosystem. Such integration would enable developers direct access to work with an excellent set of computational tools.

Travis conveyed that this latest entry of a programming language reinforces ARK’s existing base of software development kits (SDKs). Developers have access to 19 SDKs and by choosing their preferred programming language they can jump right into ARK.

Blockchain firms working hand-in-hand promises great benefits to peer-to-peer technology. Fosters excellent development.

Travis touched upon the capability of the Wolfram Language. Functions from this platform allow access to Testnet and Mainnet networks. This allows creating and accessing transactional data posted to Bitcoin, Ethereum, ARK, and other blockchains.

Travis captured the intuition that by integrating ARK nodes within the Wolfram Blockchain Labs DLT hosting architecture would enable developers to create new applications. This would also facilitate to explore blockchains with superior scope, better visualization tools and enhanced analysis of transactions.

Christian Pasquel, Director of Connectivity for Wolfram Blockchain Labs, quoted that integrating ARK blockchain with the Wolfram Language was not tedious due to ARK’s well-documented system. Christian also conveyed that by supporting the ARK blockchain, they are joining an active ARK developer community and fostering additive innovation.

Travis also highlighted another takeaway from this embrace. ARK and Wolfram would also provide computational essays for users looking for computation-based interactive educational material. These essays would feature code, interactive output, and narrative text. This feature would be available to everyone later this year.

Last month ARK had announced its integration into one of the most popular and trusted universal cryptocurrency wallets in the industry, Exodus.

Travis concluded by throwing more light on Wolfram Language and Wolfram Blockchain Labs. The Wolfram Language allows developers to operate at a significantly higher standard than ever before. This is achieved through a vast collection of algorithms and real-world knowledge carefully collated over three decades. Wolfram Blockchain Labs provides distributed ledger technology infrastructure with the tools necessary to assist in smart contract-based applications.