AmaZix and Olymp Capital partner for mutual benefits

The AmaZix Editorial team conveyed news on 15 May about the partnership between AmaZix and Olymp Capital. Both the firms stand benefited from each other.

AmaZix introduced itself as a world’s leading blockchain advisory and community management firm in digital assets. Olymp Capital is one of the earliest investment fund manager dedicated to the blockchain and digital asset class in the European Union (EU). AmaZix sustained by adding that since its inception, Olymp Capital had made several successful investments in strategic blockchain-related companies. This had supported the growth of the decentralized ecosystem.

Jonas Karlberg, AmaZix CEO cited –

“For us at AmaZix, all the things that we push for and advocate for in the industry are driving the ongoing paradigm shift in finance, economy, and technology. By definition, blockchain and digital asset advocates are pioneers, staying ahead of the curve and striking out a path for others to follow. We recognize Olymp Capital as a first mover in such a fundamental area of finance and are pleased to be partners with them. The fact that they also have privileged partners such as Fundstrat Global Advisors says a lot about their deep reach and network.”

To state on the mutual benefits, AmaZix would give Olymp Capital access to new opportunities with their market outreach. AmaZix added clarity that its team had analyzed and reviewed hundreds of blockchain companies raising funds while having a strong competitive edge. Olymp Capital in its offer to AmaZix would offer a strategic place for AmaZix in the EU, selecting the best blockchain related startups to benefit from AmaZix’s expertise.

to state on the mutual benefits, amazix would give olymp capital access to new opportunities with their market outreach.

Christophe de Courson, Olymp Capital CEO expressed positively that the company had effectively positioned itself as the European reference in the blockchain ecosystem. However, Christophe added that much work needs to be done for blockchain innovation to surpass its disruptive potential. He emphasized that many stakeholders must join forces to set the foundation for a sustainable ecosystem spanning architecture, legislature, or others.

Recently, AmaZix reported on a new system for blockchain governance through an interview with Dr.Bingsheng Zhang. Dr.Zhang is the program director associated with the Lancaster University. Based on a report by Dr.Zhang and other authors, an interview was conducted to discuss the key potential of the proposed treasury system.

In a bid to build awareness among the general public as to what AmaZix had to offer, the firm informed its stand. AmaZix endeavors to become the leading provider of blockchain-related advisory and consulting across the globe. AmaZix extended outreach to use its various social media channels.