Age of Rust blockchain game to adorn The Abyss

The Abyss Team reported on 30 May that it would be publishing Enjin-powered Age Of Rust, an exciting blockchain action game. The game leverages Enjin’s smart contract.

Abyss threw light that Age Of Rust was developed by Washington-based SpacePirate Games studio. The game is a first-person adventure game set in the post-apocalyptic (after a nuclear war) dark expanse of the universe. The theme of the game is “You wake up in the year 4424. Rogue machines have taken over and all advancements in technology, science, and culture have stopped.

The Abyss Team further substantiated on the game as –

“You start a new life on an exoplanet on the other side of the galaxy. Explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins on far away worlds. On the way, you’ll solve puzzles and unlock secrets to progress to new areas. The game also features blockchain game items which are used to buy, sell and trade game items with other players.”

Abyss sustained by adding that Age Of Rust uses the open ERC-1155 smart contract from Enjin for blockchain gaming. Abyss further added that a playable version of the game was introduced at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year. The full version game is scheduled to be released later in the year. The game is being built with ‘massively multiplayer online’ (MMO) games and ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing games’ (MMORPGs) in mind.

Abyss noted that Age Of Rust uses the open smart contract from Enjin for blockchain gaming.

Abyss added clarity by capturing the key features of the game. There is a vast galaxy with special areas to unlock. Such maps include ruins and abandoned ships to open-world forests. There are intuitive puzzles which need to be solved to proceed ahead in the game. There are blockchain collectibles to unlock special areas and more puzzles that contain hidden blockchain rewards. There are suitable digital coin rewards through an in-game treasure hunt.

In March, there were reports that the world’s most powerful blockchain game development platform would be rolled out on the largest game engine, Unity. Enjin would be launching the Testnet version of the Blockchain Software Development Kit (SDK) at world’s largest game industry event, the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The Blockchain SDK has been a salient achievement, developed by a team of experienced developers.

The Abyss Team shed insight into their key industry engagements. The Abyss supports independent studios by providing a complete technology stack. This allows budding studios to easily develop, run, market and manage game projects with no third parties involved.