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Slide 01 Wimplo is the premier Cryptocurrency news portal. Know of the latest happenings, newest ICO/STOs, live prices and much more. 02 With Wimplo, learn about the best that the blockchain and cryptocurrency world has to offer. Get detailed knowledge on the best wallets, cryptocurrency, exchanges and much more.

Slide 03 Journalists at Wimplo have a rich and extensive background in the blockchain technology. 04 We here at Wimplo are commited to bring you the best of conversations and opinions from some of the well-known blockchain and crypto frontiers.

Slide 05 Wimplo is your premier Cryptocurrency news website. Know of the latest happenings, newest ICOs, price surges and much more. 06 Learn the best that the cryptocurrency world has to offer with the Wimplo blogs. Get detailed knowledge on the best wallets, cryptocurrency and exchanges.

Nikhil Jain

Senior Journalist/IEO enthusiast

Nikhil is empowered with his solid education in mass communications and uses his crisp way of expressing ideas about cryptocurrencies. Nikhil has covered the breadth of the technology and believes in keeping updated. His core expertise is his awareness of cryptocurrency exchanges and the role stablecoins are playing in the economy. Nikhil is positive that a healthy blend of novelties would change smart finance.

+91 8904344724

Hammad Akhtar

Journalist/BTC Guru

Hammad Akhtar hails from a background in Finance and Economics. He has covered some of the most prominent economic changes in the country and is currently focused on decentralized paradigms. Hammad is a profound blogger, well appreciated for fluidity of communication and depth of knowledge. Hammad is Wimplo’s go-to guy for great blogs.

+91 7894702404

KMS Ganesh

Chief Editor/ ICO & STO evangelist

KMS Ganesh is the Chief Editor at Wimplo. Ganesh has a strong affinity for the cryptocurrency use case. He has earned incredible connections with influential people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space across the globe. With such connections and interactions, Ganesh has strived to proliferate digital coins. With versatile skills, he has transformed the Wimplo news platform.

+91 8618182385

Aaquib Ahmed

Journalist/DEX Blogger

Aaquib Ahmed is a full-time journalist and author at Wimplo. With a background in Mass Communication, Aaquib's skill in blockchain technology has assisted both early adopters and innovators learn about the ongoing happenings in the technology. Aaquib believes in blogs being scholarly yet simple. His blogs are sought after for intimate details while using simple language.

+91 7996630894

Sunil Dhananjaya Kengeri

Journalist/STO Analyst

With Sunil's thorough backing of education in online journalism and a strong affinity to foster a cashless economy, he is looking forward to engaging readers on decentralized technologies. He covers articles related to blockchain and is much sought after due to his crisp style of writing. Sunil strongly believes that blockchain is the future and evokes this interest in the readers.

+91 9901153845

Girish M H

Journalist/HODL visionaire

Girish is carving a niche for himself with strong research skills and reader engagement. With a background in online journalism, Girish prides himself to dig into topics that few people think of. Girish is an ‘off-beat’ blogger who surprises readers with cliff-hangers. His blogs are filled with great facts and users are often rendered longing for more. Girish often advocates wide reading to gain expertise.

+91 8861427061

Aman Shams

Founder / Solidity Expert

Aman has leveraged his education and background in journalism to broadcast information about cryptocurrencies to the masses. He truly is cognizant of the power of peer-to-peer applications and dedicated to proliferate them. He has broad interests in the fintech domain and looks forward for a blend of stock market and emerging paradigms. Aman’s immense leadership skills have distinguished him to manage and streamline processes.

+91 9852884869

Kabilan Rajendra

Co-Founder / Dapp technologist

Kabilan presents a unique blend of strong education in mass communication and a field of view to capture the singular details. Kabilan prides himself to hook readers and often covers landmark developments. Kabilan’s outgoing temperament and amiable outlook has rendered him as an outstanding interviewer. Kabilan’s face-to-face talks with reputed personnel are rich with clarity and detail.

+91 8637420895

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