A New Crypto Exchange Enters Global Crypto Market with Exciting Features

Cryptocurrency exchange BitinterPay is the latest entrant in the global cryptocurrency market. According to the Fintechist press release, BitinterPay, an Estonia (EU) based crypto exchange was launched on December 27. It guarantees to be safe and user-friendly, allowing storage of various cryptos in a multi-currency wallet without any additional verification.

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This latest crypto exchange with a license number FRK000109, will facilitate cryptocurrencies, by integrating it into the mainstream financial sector.

BitinterPay is the hard work of a team comprising of crypto experts committed to ensuring seamless integration of the emerging crypto economy with the mainstream financial market. The firm is dedicated to creating opportunities for common people to use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives.

BitinterPay’s team has successfully created an ecosystem where individuals can freely use and convert digital assets and cryptocurrency, also allowing them to store and withdraw their crypto assets safely.  

According to a press release, a senior spokesman from BitinterPay said:

“Our mission is to create the financial ecosystem of a new generation by taking the best from modern banking and blockchain technologies… Our platform is fast, convenient, secure and as affordable as using a smartphone and the internet.”

Bitinterpay provides a safe crypto wallet

According to BitinterPay’s official website, it provides services like:

  • A crypto wallet supporting multiple currencies including Bitcoins, Litecoins and BitcoinCash ABC. Ripple and Ethereum will be added in the subsequent update.
  • It also provides quick purchase of cryptocurrency by credit card, with just a simple and automated verification.
  • The service offers a quick trade of cryptocurrency without depositing funds to a trading account. It also supports direct withdrawal to credit cards and to other payment systems such as Payeer.

BitinterPay’s website states that it is in the process of developing a feature that will make the exchange capable of supporting fiat to crypto pairs. In addition, it is also working on a feature that will enable users to buy stable coins for a flat rate.

What makes BitinterPay more significant than other crypto exchanges, is the fact that the firm is controlled by the laws of Estonia, the EU and other bureaucracies that regulate cryptocurrency associations.

BitinterPay is a great venture by a country which is slowly rising to the crypto trend. The firm is aiming to work with users and online platforms. Such initiatives will surely bring the usage of digital coins into the mainstream.

Will BitinterPay be successful in the global crypto market? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.